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Innovation & Smart city

Enoa Car & Bus is studying and marketing solutions for the transport of today and tomorrow.

  • Integration of hydrogen into your current CNG and diesel vehicles.

  • Onboard WIFI for your passengers

  • Telematics for the mechanical tracking and real-time localization of your fleet.


  • Intelligent VR Catalogue (forecast 2021)

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OTOKAR, a lasting commitment

ENOA Car & Bus is the first distributor of OTOKAR spare parts in france.

Present in France, in the Dom and in the world, ENOA Car & Bus offers a complete range for the maintenance of your OTOKAR Navigo, Vectio, Centro, territorial, ULYSO and Kent.

  • Stay informed of the future departures Franco to export.

  • Technical advice and remote control taking RDP.

  • You can also find all your Cummins parts

  • Availability of exploded views

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Odoo- Echantillon n° 2 pour trois colonnes

Jaltest Diagnostic and Télématic 

Jaltest is the leading Multibrand diagnostic tool in the car and bus market. It allows you to perform multisystem diagnostics on your vehicles.

  • Analyzing and repairing diagnostic errors

  • Consulting Technical Information

  • Visualization of electrical diagrams

  • Testing and programming of E-boxes

At each stage of the intervention, ENOA Car & Bus accompanies you, even at a distance.     



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